Sponsoring a team, athlete, event or locality is one of the most recognized and rewarding forms of relationships today. Sponsorship is generally characterized as a benefit for both sides. Traditionally, the activities that the companies develop in the relationship with the sponsors are:

• Brand appreciation
• Recognition
• Legitimacy
• Relationship with industry
• Panels / signage
• Race tickets
• Hospitality
• Car logo / uniform
• Introductions

Depending on each agreement, the sponsor receives the benefits mentioned above (and many others) while the sponsor receives financial support and the opportunity to put himself in a new position in the market through his sponsor.

With the function of selling sponsorship, Triumph has a team specialized in Negotiation with Sponsors. As approximately 95% of trade agreements occur because of prior relationships between the parties, we understand the importance of agreements already established in sports agreements. Adding exceptional value to the Deal with Sponsors, we are ready to increase our business contacts to work for our customers.