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We know there are many agents and companies to choose from.
Read why we stand out:

• We assure you that you receive only a small company, but with experience, expertise and partners.

• We negotiate numerous contracts for the best of our clients.

• YOU are our focus. We are committed to exceeding your expectations regarding personal and individual care in relation to your career and your needs.

• Our job is more than finding opportunities for you, but also creating benefits
• We form personal relationships with each client.

• You will benefit from partnerships with experts with more than 50 years of experience in sports that will help you navigate the world of professional sports and in all aspects of your life.

At Triumph, we consider a customer event to be successful when all parties involved are satisfied with the results and ready to repeat the experience at a next opportunity. With this concept of success in mind, Triumph has achieved a high level of Event Management. A well-attended event is one in which everything seems to work automatically. At Triumph, we know that the utmost care in Event Management is fundamental to a good relationship between each of the parties involved.

Every event within the sport has something in common: the athletes themselves. Even if the athlete is part of a collective sport, whether driving a car, hitting a golf ball or kicking a soccer ball, every individual is the fuel for the passion and development of his sport. With the success of these players, there also comes the responsibility, which needs to be maintained and completely fulfilled through the Representation of Athletes.

Public relations

Public awareness of marketing actions and brand initiatives are critical to your success in the marketplace. As the prestige of players, riders, teams and sponsors constantly changes in sport, an experienced Public Relations department is in some cases more important than the information itself. The ability to process and disseminate information to the public (and even to sponsors) is crucial to the success of a campaign.