At Triumph, we consider a customer event to be successful when all parties involved are satisfied with the results and ready to repeat the experience at a next opportunity. With this concept of success in mind, Triumph has achieved a high level of Event Management. A well-attended event is one in which everything seems to work automatically. At Triumph, we know that the utmost care in Event Management is fundamental to a good relationship between each of the parties involved.

In the field of Event Management, Triumph has the ability to accurately define its performance at every opportunity. With solid relationships with industries, organization of time and attention to every detail and a competent team, we have all the requirements for the perfect functioning of a marketing team, capable of organizing events of any size or duration. Some tasks involved in Event Management are:

• Event development
• Search for the best location
• Organization of tickets, transport, etc.
• Recruitment of trained staff
• Marketing and promotion of the event
• Attending to VIPs and guests